woensdag 20 april 2011

Interview – Justin Bieber hair Stylist: Vanessa Price

Latest interview between Justin Bieber’s hair stylist: Vanessa Price and Elle magazine.

Elle: Justin’s hair never seems out of place. What’s your trick?

Vanessa: It’s all about the cut. Don’t fight the direction your hair grows. For side bangs, you need a cut that gradually goes from longer to shorter, but not drastically. Then it’s about the blow-dry. Justin’s hair is fine, so I don’t use a brush, just my hands. Thicker hair needs a brush to guide it into place.

On his days off from performing, does Justin style his own hair?

Yes. He loves his hair; he’s very proud of it. He pays insanely close attention to detail, so he knows how to make it look good. It’s not that he’s vain—he just gets it.

You seem to have mastered the no-makeup makeup look with Justin.
I just use a little concealer and powder. Justin naturally has beautiful, long lashes, so we don’t need to use any mascara—he’s genetically blessed with great hair.

Late-night shows and early-morning after-parties make for little sleep. What’s your advice for keeping skin looking its best?
The number-one thing I promote is hydration, inside and out. I recommend my clients drink coconut water; it’s filled with electrolytes but not sugar. I also love face oils. They are ultramoisturizing and, although scary to some people, won’t clog your pores. Use oil at night and a light moisturizer in the morning. When your skin looks great, you’ll need less makeup.

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